World’s 1st Game-Based Innovation & Entrepreneurship (Mindset & Skillset) Development Program

Play Time
30-40 mins

for Creative Minds

2 - 4

  • HEURISTICS Program is powered with game-based learning.  It aims to familiarise young minds with the concept of entrepreneurship, innovation and all the stages of the startup journey. It develops entrepreneurial mindset, enhances entrepreneurial skills and empowers them to become one.
  • HEURISTICS Program is supporting UNITED NATIONS SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMNET GOAL 4.4 (Entrepreneurship under Quality Education).
  • HEURISTICS Program has been developed in line with the mission of MHRD’S “National INNOVATION and STARTUP Policy 2019” and States’ Startup Policies

Program A -Entrepreneurial Mindset & Skillset Development Program- Elements and Outcomes

21st Century Skills (Learning Skills, Literacy Skills & Life Skills)

Entrepreneurial Mindset (Innovator, Opportunity Seeker, Learn from failure & Resilient)

Entrepreneurial Skillset (Idea Generation, Opportunity Analysis, Prototyping & Design Thinking)


I recently attended Heuristic workshop & it was quite a learning experience.The Innovative game & game based workshop is quite engaging, fun & offer complete perspective on the entire stage by stage journey of a startup & finally empower you to start your own startup journey in a well defined path – I recommend it for every MBA student !

Ravi Singh
MBA Student

Heuristic Workshops goes beyond pure amusement. Mechanism of the game reinforces learning in a dynamic, interactive, motivating and entertaining way

Shallu Gupta
Social Entrepreneur

Heuristic star startup game attracts users in a simple and dynamic way and turn them into the protagonist of their own learning process.

Karan Ahuja
IT Professional

This is one of its kind fun and easy to learn game.My whole family specially my 10 year old daughter enjoyed the game very much. After few game rounds she was sparked & quite aware on journey and stages of startup.It is great to see how this game take young mind beyond fun, engage them in creative and innovative way & offer valuable learning

Sunny Mann
Tech Entrepreneur

During our India visit we attended one of the Heuristic workshop which was quite valuable.This is super clever & interactive game. A must play for every young mind who wish to learn about entrepreneurship & keen to know how to build own startup – A Game for Game Changer !

Cape Town University Student

Program B-The Startup Journey-Elements & Outcomes

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. The program A+B is for ?

For Colleges (E-Cells) & Schools (9-12th standard) 

2. HEURISTICS Startup kit is for?

It is a handy tool for Faculties, Entrepreneurship cells,Incubation centers,Mentors and Startups

3. For Workshop & Startup Kit ?

  Contact us on info@iamheuristic.com